Personal Computer basics

PC or Personal Computer is multipurpose machine built around Central Processor unit.Personal computers cosist of hardware:memory,hard disc drive,mouse,keyboard etc. and software (computer programs).Personal computer enables users to type text,print,surf the internet and so much more.We will try to describe every component that you can find inside your personal computer and provide you with details how each works.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How touch-sensitive devices work?

Technologies of touch-sensitive devices to  control a computer are developed in two directions. First, the monitor can act as a measuring sensor and respond to the tip of your finger or other object and turn the touch into an electrical signal. monitor systems that respond to touch, are widely used in the management of automated counters and other movements that require gentle control. Another solution is to use plastic pads as measurement sensors. First, they were widely used with graphic panels, and today have become an integral part of many laptop computers. Movement of finger
rectangular pad stimulates identical run the cursor on the monitor. In most of these measuring senses moving fingers changes the distribution of electric voltage in switches of pad causing large differences in electrical signals. With the use of pads that respond to touch,moving cursor can reach the speed of up to 100 cm per second.

The system of touch-sensitive monitors - Electricity, released through the coating on the base layer of glass, produces a static electric field. Touching the monitors interfere with the field, and these changes the processor graphicaly displays.
1.Base layer of glass - The glass is coated with transparent electro enforceable material
2.Image Processor - The processor constantly scans an image of the electrostatic field. when changes occur in the image, processor makes calculation of coordinates.
3.The appearance of the electric field - a layer of conducting electricity with register changes in electrical voltage caused by touch.
4.The front layer of glass - the glass is electrically low voltage field that is changeable at the touch of a finger.